Bill Maier first started making fiberglass parts for 1965-’67 Mustangs in the early 1970’s in San Leandro, California.  He looked at the racing aprons on the ’65 Shelbys which deleted the stock bumper, and found a more practical solution. Bill made a one-piece valence with an opening for better cooling which would mount up to a car with bumpers, and called it a “gravel shield”. Later on he would add the Boss 302 style front spoiler for a more aggressive look. Through this project and many like it, over the years Maier Racing has created more than 500 molds for classic Mustangs. 

As of 2020, the company will mainly be offering parts to fit the 1965- ‘70 Mustangs and Foxbody cars. While we specialize in those generations, we have molds for any generation up till 2009. If you are looking for something not on the site, send us an email. As we have for the last 47 years, we strive to make the best fiberglass parts for you to build your dream Mustang.