Maier Racing started making fiberglass parts in the early 1970’s.  Bill Maier started in San Leandro California making gravel shields for the 1965 & 1967 Mustangs.  He looked at the 65 Shelby style Racing aprons (that deleted the use of the bumper) and decided to add the opening (for the radiator) to the stock valance that came on the car that used a bumper.  He called it the gravel shield.  He later added the (Boss 302 style) spoiler and called it of course the gravel shield with molded spoiler.  Today Maier Racing has more than 600 molds to make primarily Mustang parts.  As of 2020, the family will be offering parts to fit the 1965- 70 Mustangs and a few select Fox body cars.  It has been a challenge to try to offer the full range of parts and properly support every item with some of the history of how they fit unknown to us now.  We strive to make the best fiberglass parts you can buy for the classic Mustangs.  If it is not the best in your view then we are working on it so, let us know if you have suggestions that would help our agenda.