65-66 Rear Bumper Snug Fit


The SNUG FIT bumpers mount in the same location as the stock bumpers, and have more material to close the gap between the bumper and the body.

We strive to make perfect fitting bumpers, but each car is a little different. With the fiberglass bumpers it is easy to clean up the body lines and add or take out some material as you will paint and mount it. However, the carbon fiber bumpers “are what they are” in the sense of fit. The carbon fiber bumper now comes clear coated with a PPG clear coat. (2020)

The snug fit rear bumper comes with 4 studs mounted in it. You will need to drill 4 holes in the back panel to fit it to the car.

We also do stock bumpers, which are basically a duplication of the original design in fiberglass and weigh roughly 6 lbs each.