PK Weave mirror for classic cars


Sold separately.

Maier has come out with a new carbon fiber product!  These are made with our own PK WEAVE! This is a random orientation of short carbon fibers that yield a fascinating 3D look.

These bullet mirrors are made to be somewhat universal.

The 3″ mirror itself is glass. The bullet portion is carbon fiber with a 5/16″ stainless steel post that is housed in a black anodized aluminum base. We have (2) holes in the base to allow you to mount it to your door or perhaps fender. The threads within the hole are also 5/16″. You can come up from the under side to grab the base with those threads OR you can run a 1/4″ screw from the top down to the nut on the backside of the panel.

**NOTE.  These are “universal”.  The base is not shaped to fit a specific door line. They are flat bottoms.

Comes with mounting hardware.