Leaf Springs


The Maier classic Mustang leafs are sold as a pair. These springs fit 1965-73 Ford Mustangs. Guaranteed to stop 90% of your wheel hop when used with Bilsteins or Integra shocks sold by Maier Racing.
The Maier Racing 165L leaf spring is the signature product from Maier Racing. It would not be too difficult to prove that nearly anyone selling a leaf spring for a classic 1965-70 Mustang is trying to duplicate this product. It was originally made in the mid 1970’s with Multi-time auto-crossing champion Frank Stagnaro. The springs are sold 1′ Lower than stock.

***AS of January 2020. We have a NEW updated spring. We spent a year working with a new group/supplier to help us make a better product! The consistancy of the products from one to the 50th is much tighter, much closer in fit form and finish. We have the surface each spring sanded down to reduce some friction. The bends are way cleaner and the ultimate look of the finished product sells itself. We re-engineered the spring as well. I don’t want to help the competition with how but, ultimately the ride is softer and has MORE control on the hard launches and braking. We are very pleased with the new 2020 Leafs… “Adapt or die…” is the moto in our shop this year!

You can buy other springs for 1/2 the price. You get what you pay for with this product, they work!




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