1965 – 1970 Ford Mustang Rear Suspension Kit


This 1965 to 1970 classic Mustang rear suspension kit has become our BEST selling package of all the parts we sell!

While we want to simplify things this year, …and sell only the complete kit, we are selling all the individual parts too. Feel free to call us with questions about the parts. We are trying to give you video tutorials for all the items so tune into our YOUTUBE channel to get the story behind the agenda.

1965 – 1970 Ford Mustang Rear Suspension Kit includes: Leaf springs, Bilsteins shocks, Big eye Bushings, rear shackles & bushings, U bolts, spring plate, Panhard rod kit.  If you intend to run more than 300 horse power, call in to discuss an upgrade on shocks.  We also guide 95% buyers to skip the rear sway bar unless you are auto-crossing on concrete surfaces & or have some road courses that may require it.  “Most” 64-5-70 Mustangs running our leaf spring and shock combination won’t gain from a rear sway bar.  We will no longer sell a rear sway bar.  We have replaced the panhard rod kit with the Maier Gen 4 kit.

We recommend this kit for: auto-crossing, Pro Touring events, track days or road racing and even spirited street driving.  The leaf springs are 1″ drop.  The panhard rod kit helps to adjust the roll center and maintain the chassis centered over the rear end.

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