Panhard Rod Kit


The MAIER RACING panhard rod kit…

In October of 2014 we took two of our panhard rod kits to Chris Alston’s Chassis Works in Sacramento, CA.  Our Generation 2 & Generation 3.  Both kits had been sold here are MRE for some time and the both utilized the passenger side mounting bracket bolted to the bottom of the leaf spring.  Our issues were we had solid mounted panhard rod kits with zero adjustment.  We found that the practicality of selling a kit that fits 1965-1970 Mustangs in all years and designs was a tall order to get the kit to fit and honestly required cutting and fabrication to the kit right out of the box for installation.  So we decided to make a NEW design that is more universal and adjustable from car to car (spacing between the frame rails and the brackets that fit up around the frame rails in particular).  We also changed the integration of the rear sway bar.  Now the bracket for the end link mount/attachment is integrated in the spring plates and not a separate bracket to be welded to the rear end housing in the car.  We have also gone away from the adjuster in the passenger side being a slot.  We use a series of holes.  We have had panhard rods/end links in particular loosen up and then the passenger attachment of the panhard rod slides around while you are driving.  If the bolt in the Heim joint/panhard rod/passenger side loosens up, it will likely stay in the hole without moving as it once did in the slot.  Chris Alston incorporated his BIG spring plate tie down holes into the design so you can tie down your car for trailer travel.  The entire design is very well made, 3d modeled off OE chassis drawings, laser cut, CNC bent and welded.  We did all of our kits by hand in the past and now this is all automated for consistent and repeatable parts.  Thank you Chris for working with MRE on this design.  You may see this part at Total Control Products as well; now you know the story…


Driver/passenger side spring plate
Chassis mount plate
Cross bar chassis mount plate
Panhard rod
Cross bar
Weld-in metal spring plate ends
Mounting hardware

“U” bolts not included.

Note, the Panhard Rod kit installed on this 1969 Mustang was the previous version where the mounting bracket for the Panhard rod is was on the passenger side, now located on the driver’s side.  The kits essentially fits the same between the gas tank and the rear end.
The Panhard Rod kit comes in BLACK POWDER COAT finish.. NOT ORANGE.
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