67-68 “E” Kit


The Maier Racing 1967E body kit is considered by Maier to be the top kit available.  Maier Racing was involved from the beginning with the movie house and the body shop for the filming of Gone in 60 seconds.  We sent them a 1967 Shelby style body kit and they modified it from there.  They made molds to produce 6 cars for the film and then sent MRE the molds as they were done with them.  The orginal set of molds was not intended for serious production.  Maier made a new set of molds and over the years refined the kit to where it is today.  We believe you will not find another kit that is in better shape: fit, form and function to begin your project.  There may be less expensive kits out there however, you may get what you pay for.  Keep in mind this kit includes 2 items that most kits do not; rear valance and a rear snug fit bumper.  Ordered on there own, they are roughly $400.

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67-68 Mustang “E” Kit includes the following:

  • Choice of the following:
    • MF67TA: 67-68 Spoilered Trunk Lid – Fastback
    • MF67TB: 67-68 Spoilered Trunk Lid – Notchback
  • MF67HE: 67-68 “E” Style Hood – Low Rise
  • MF67EUN: 67-68 Upper Nose Section
  • MF67EUN: 67-68 Lower Nose Section
  • MF67EFFB: 67-68 Front Flares – Bolt On
  • MF67ERFB: 67-68 Rear Flares – Bolt On
  • MF67EUS: 67-68 Upper Side Scoops
  • MF67ELS: 67-68 Lower Side Scoops
  • MF67ESS: 67-68 Lower Side Skirts
  • MF67EBPN: 67-68 Tail Light Panel without Gas Cap Hole
  • MF67RV: 67-68 Lower Rear Valance
  • MF67BR: 67-68 Rear Bumper – Fiberglass

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