Corvette Front Spoiler


Maier Corporation known as Maier Racing has come out with the first of several carbon fiber parts for the newest Chevrolet Corvette StingRay C8.
This front spoiler has been designed to add downforce to the nose of the car at speed and direct air to the radiator for better cooling under load.  Meaning, when the engine is pushed, the car naturally runs hotter and helping the radiator is ideal.  Additionally the bottom of the spoiler is flat like a true splitter to calm the air under the car and reduce the turbulence.
The spoiler is slightly higher than the lowest point of the floor. A regular question is, will I hit the bottom of the spoiler?  It is not lower than the floor but, it does protrude forward and that can make driveways a little more challenging.
We offer the spoiler in our “PK weave”.  Some people also call this the forced carbon finish that Lamborghini uses. Our parts are made with a clear polyester marine gel coat, then carbon fiber, a thin layer of fiberglass and finally another layer of carbon fiber, all laminated in polyester resin. 
Some composite engineers argue Epoxy Pre-preg parts are better materials to use but ultimately the epoxy will brown or yellow out with time. 
The polyester is far more stable in the UV.  We also use a high quality PPG clear coat over the finished part that ads to the quality top coat.  ***We use the PK Weave for 2 Key Reasons. With the random orientation of the fibers, repairs are easier to do.  If you try to repair a woven fabric like the 2×2 twill or plain weave fabrics, there is really NO way to ever make it look like new again. 
The second reason is that GM offers carbon fiber trim pieces in 2×2 twill and we do not want to try to match it, so this weave clearly sets it apart.  We believe trying to match the color or fabric of the GM clear coat is not as clean as this option.
You can also buy the spoiler in a black gel coat finish, if you choose to paint it the same color as the car or vinyl wrap it. 
The black finish is easier for us to make, therefore the price is lower.
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