65-66 Front Fenders


For the 1965-6 Mustangs we offer several front fenders options.  To the untrained eye, this image could be any one of 3 parts we sell.  The stock fender, the 1.5″ flare and the 2.25″ flare.  The 1.5″ flare has solely a modified flare lip itself that goes out 1.5″  Tires options in the range of 17 x 255 are realistic.

The 2.25″ flare is the same flare we use on the 1965-6 Blue Coupe.  We have run from 18 x 275 to 18 x 315 tires under it, call for details.  These are sold in pairs.  If you require a single side we can accommodate that as well.