Strut Rod Bushings


The strut rod bushing kit fits the 1965-70 Ford Mustangs.  This Delrin bushings are designed to function like a ball and socket in the black anodized 6061 T6 aluminum cups.  The stock rubber bushings are hard and allow for limited rotation/movement based on the age of the rubber in the bushings.  Grease the NEW MRE bushings and cups, replacing the stock rubber bushings/assemblies, allowing your strut rod to pivot.  We want free, controlled movements.  Let the shock control the rate in which the suspension moves, not the deflection of a rubber bushing that is awkwardly compressed to function.

Side note: The 1967 Strut rods have adjustable threads.  Many customers buy the 67 strut rods for the adjust ability giving you options for the caster adjustment.  Keep in mind for the 1965-6 Mustangs the rods are shorter, so you may find yourself tapping the threads past the stock point for the 1967 cars.  We buy our strut rods from Rare Parts in Stockton, CA.  We don’t normally sell them.

Sold as a set

Does not include strut rod!

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