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1965-70 Ford Mustang Ultimate Coil-over Kit


This kit offers the best of the best that Maier Racing offers for front suspension.

This KIT DOES NOT include brakes and it comes in black powder coat.  We powder coated this display kit for our tribute car.


– Upper A arms with Howe ball joints
– Lower control arms with Howe ball joints
– 1 1/8″ sway bar
– Maier 600 lbs coils
– Drop Spindles
– Strut rods & Strut rod bushing kits
– Integra Gas mono tube shocks

– Shock tops and hardware

If you’re looking to transform your Mustang’s suspension, look no further.

The upper A arms are now made with sealed bearings.  The ball joint(s) are a HOWE ball joints (4x the price of the MOOG part)  The HOWE ball joint is the best we can buy.  The arm itself is laser cut 12 gauge steel, clean and refined in the shape and design.  We are not in the market of being just another coil over kit.

Our drop spindle allows for larger width tires and wheels up front, while lowering the car 1″, and retaining proper shock travel. The caliper mounts are for the Wilwood 140-12945 kit, but can be altered to fit most caliper mounting points.

Integra Racing shocks, made in Coopersville, Michigan are included.  This kit is shown with a NON adjustable shock.  **Buyer be aware, their are shocks and then there ARE SHOCKS!  JRI, Penske, Integra, Ohlins, JRZ & Fox are all in the same family.  Most other brands are not competing with the same components and ultimately performance of precision internal parts. There is NO comparison to the gas charged billet aluminum high end parts from these suppliers like Integra.  If you are looking for a street rod shock that is cool looking and function is not so important, then there are many other less expensive options to go with.

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