Control Arms


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These upper arms are hand modified/ and gusseted and welled to support the stiffness of the over all arm, then we weld in plates to support the spring mounts.  The ball joint has been re-positioned for the proper angle in the Shelby drop location.  (1″ lower on the shock tower).  The shafts are from our tubular coil over arm.  They are extremely durable.  The arms are commonly sold to 2 types of customers.  Builders that want a stout suspension while maintaining the rules for the classes you may be running in that require OE parts.  The second customer may want the coil over kit yet find the budget is more in line with a great upgraded OE part.  These parts are really made up of a bullet proof combination of components.

The lower control arms are also modified with sheet metal gussets to support the twisting and abuse of the hard core spirited drivers.



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