Coil Over Kit w/ Lower Control Arm


This kit is our basic coil over kit, with the addition of the Maier Racing lower control arm.


Integra Shocks

PAC Racing Springs

Billet Shocktops

Lower Control Arm


Installation Guide

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Spring, shock, upper A, shock tops, nuts & bolts, lower control arm

Our Generation 3 kit is here!  The updated design has a few refinements including narrower upper A arm shafts by roughly 1/2″ to better fit in the shock towers.  Our previous kit was wide and required hammering on the inner shock tower to fit.  The inner pivot shafts are now made of 17-4 Stainless steal, no coating required now.  This is a tough grade of stainless for the abuse of rugged driving and the occasional shunt.  This grade of stainless is 3 times stronger than the mild steal parts. The ball joint is a NASCAR product for serious use.  The arm itself is laser cut 12 gauge steal, very clean and refined in the shape and design.  The kit has gone up a bit in the price as our cost has gone up a bit for this superior part.  We are not in the market to being just another coil over kit.  These parts are on their own level.

We use Integra Racing shocks, made in Coopersville, Michigan.  This kit is showing a NON adjustable shock.  **Buyer be aware, their are shocks and then there ARE SHOCKS!  JRI, Penske, Integra, Ohlins, JRZ & Fox for example are all in the same family.  Most other brands are not competing with the same components and ultimately performance of precision internal parts.  Many competitors offer twin tube aluminum adjustable shocks for 1/2 the price or even less.  There is NO comparison to the gas charged billet aluminum high end parts from these suppliers like Integra.  If you are looking for a street rod shock that is cool looking and function is not so important, than there are many other less expensive options to go with.  We also use high quality springs from Hyperco or PAC Springs.  The springs alone retail for $100 each.  They are designed to “not” take a set.  It is all a matter of what is important to you the end user.  Feel free to call in for more details.


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