Model 3 Side Skirts


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The Maier Tesla Model 3 aftermarket side skirts to go with the Maier front and rear spoilers. These side skirts are mounted with 2 sided 3M tape and four screws in the factory locations the floor. Drilling the 4 holes in the Maier side skirt is required. The side skirts are make using a marine UV stable clear gelcoat. We also offer the side skirts in black or gray primer for those that wish to “vinyl wrap” or pain the parts. We reduced the prices for the primered parts as it is less labor in the part to finish them this way. Common question is: Do they hang low? These side skirts hang as low as the floor. They DO NOT go lower than the floor and not wider than the tire.

With the right materials, the install is relatively easy with: 3M adhesive promoter #06396 and double sided tape #06383. The part is designed to be bolted under the rocker panel in 4 locations with 2 sided tape on the top leading edge. We would also suggest using 3M helicopter tape to protect the front surface from rock chips and road abstractions, 3M polyurethane protective tape 8674.