05-09 The Maier Racing Gen II Body Kit


Fiberglass kit…. Call in for carbon fiber pricing. Estimate 2x the Fiberglass cost.


  • Hood with louvers $950
  • Fenders with louvers $950 + $300
  • Front & Rear Flares $399 x 2
  • Back Bumper $499
  • Side skirts $450
  • Quarter side skirts $350
  • Front Spoiler $399
  • Front Splitter(s) (2) $499 each
  • Diffusers (5) $499 for the set
  • Inner door panels (2) $225 each
  • Rear trunk Spoiler $499
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This body kit was designed by Charles Maier.  The vision was for a modern look with simple bolt on components that can be easily installed.  Most of the items are bolt on pats.  The rear diffussor is sectional kit.  You can buy the individual tunnels or the entire kit.  Feel free to call us about the details of installing this and what it necessary to make it work on your 05-09.  We definitely sell each of the parts separately.