Integra Shock Kit


Mustang Gas shocks, steel body, non adjust, rebuild-able, to fit 1965-70 Mustang set of 4. 2 fronts and 2 rears

This set of 4 shocks can be used for either spirited SPORT driving or full on racing.  The ride quality is smooth, yet controlling the rate in which the suspension travels.  These shocks have rubber bushings for better ride quality.  They are totally rebuild-able if you find your package requires some modification.

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NOTE: These rear shocks are valved for addressing wheel hop in heavy breaking as well as in extreme acceleration.

***These shocks are not set up to mount on the stock spring plates.  We sell a threaded sleeve that must be welded into place with the spring plates.  Please email us to get the details.  It is minimal work but a significant over all improvement.