Integra Coil Over Shock – Non Adjustable


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These shocks are sold as a non-adjustable shock designed to run a 2.5″ x 8″ coil over spring.  These shocks are sold individually without the spring or hardware.  We are an Integra dealer and can order custom shocks if you wish.  FYI.. Most buyers in the Pro Touring world do not understand the difference between a simple double adj aluminum body twin tube shock and a shock like this Integra.  These Integra shocks are in the same category as JRI, Penske, Ohlens, Fox, etc…  Billet aluminum tubes, tight tolerance machining, special pistons and gas charged fluid stabilizes the oil to prevent voids in the performance.  Traditional twin tube NON Gas shocks can not keep the hydraulic fluid stable and in a short period of time the shock is not stable consequently unable to control the rate in which things move because the air and oil have mixed up; no longer performing.  Great shocks will handle heat and extreme use, lap after lap.  You get what you pay for in the shock market; just because it is “double” adjustable and aluminum, does NOT imply good shocks… Be aware…